AR 15 Complete Upper and Shooting Drills: Improving Your Skills


Mastering the use of AR 15 Complete Upper requires more than just owning the right equipment. It demands consistent practice, honing your skills through shooting drills designed to enhance various aspects of marksmanship. In this article, we will explore some effective shooting drills that can help improve your skills with AR 15 Complete Upper.

  1. Dot Torture Drill
    The Dot Torture drill is a versatile and challenging exercise that focuses on accuracy, trigger control, and target transitions. Set up a Dot Torture target, which consists of a series of small dots, at a suitable distance. Start by shooting a single round at each dot, gradually increasing the difficulty by decreasing the size of the dots or increasing the distance. This drill helps improve your sight alignment, trigger squeeze, and overall precision.
  2. El Presidente Drill
    The El Presidente drill is a classic drill that tests your ability to engage multiple targets quickly and efficiently. Set up three targets at equal distances AR 15 Complete Upper and stand facing away from them. On the start signal, turn, draw your AR upper, and engage each target with two rounds while ensuring accuracy. This drill not only improves your target acquisition and transitions but also tests your speed and shooting under pressure.
  3. Box Drill
    The Box Drill is an excellent exercise for refining your movement, target acquisition, and engagement skills. Set up four targets in a square formation, with each target representing a corner. Starting from the center of the square, move to each corner, engaging each target with a predetermined number of rounds before moving to the next corner. Focus on smooth movement, quick target acquisition, and accurate shooting.
  4. Failure to Stop Drill
    The Failure to Stop drill is designed to simulate a self-defense scenario where you need to stop a threat quickly and effectively. Set up a target representing an attacker and engage it with multiple rounds until it is no longer a threat. This drill emphasizes the importance of shot placement, rapid target acquisition, and the ability to assess and respond to a changing situation.
  5. Speed Reload Drill
    The Speed Reload drill is all about efficiency and maintaining a high rate of fire. Start by shooting a predetermined number of rounds into a target, then perform a speed reload to replenish your ammunition as quickly as possible. Once reloaded, resume firing at the target. This drill improves your reloading speed, dexterity, and the ability to maintain accuracy and control during fast-paced engagements.

Remember, these shooting drills are just a starting point. Feel free to modify them according to your skill level and specific training goals. Regularly incorporating these drills into your practice sessions will help you improve your skills with AR 15 Complete Upper, including target acquisition, accuracy, speed, movement, and overall proficiency. So, set up your range, load your magazines, and get ready to elevate your shooting abilities with these effective drills and your trusty AR upper. Happy shooting!

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